SEO 101

Quick As to all your Qs

“SEO can make the difference between attracting lots of website traffic, or getting lost among billions of other websites.”

The secret to being number one on Google is search engine optimisation. While there are no strict rules, success depends on a two-pronged strategy. One side is about knowing user intent, and the other is about delivering it. And yes, it also includes two factors: quality and quantity. What then are the secrets of effective and cost-effective SEO services in Dubai?

Is SEO still relevant?

It is, and there should be no doubts about it. While paid advertising and social media can direct traffic to websites, the bulk of online traffic continues to be driven by search engines. With so many searches done regularly on Google, it is a huge mistake to shrug it off.

Some of the older tactics may have stopped working, but this is because it is in constant motion. Even as it changes, SEO is still relevant – and significant.

What has changed?

A lot has been happening in the world of SEO. For instance, Google has introduced new algorithms, and rules for ranking a website.

Is this change good for users?

This is good news for all internet users, on two fronts:

  1. Content is now more searchable
  2. Users get the most relevant search results

What about businesses?

Businesses will have to rethink and reinvent SEO strategies just to keep up, and to rank better on the SERP. Even if content is engaging or useful, it may not be seen or read without an effective SEO strategy.

A well-defined SEO strategy from a top SEO company in Dubai is also what it will take to get a website ranking go high/er.

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Wait, what is SERP?

Search engine results pages (SERP) are the web pages served to internet users when they are looking for something using a search engine such as Google. When users enter a search query (often using keywords), the search engine will present them with organic results, known as SERP. While there may be millions of related pages on the web, none are more important than SERP.

These organic search results cover more digital real estate, appear more credible, and receive way more clicks than paid advertisements. 

So, SERP is now vital in ranking?

It is, but only when it works in tandem with CWV. If users click a link in the SERP and it delivers a bad experience – pages are slow, unstable, cluttered with popups, etc – they will become frustrated and move on. They will also hesitate to return. Conversely, if they are satisfied, they are more likely to return or recommend the website to others. CWV is the gauge of the user experience.

What is new about CWV?

The addition of ranking signals to Core Web Vitals (CWV) to enhance page experience is one of the biggest developments in 2022. These SEO performance metrics score a user’s experience on three measures:

  1. How quickly page content loads
  2. How quickly a browser loading a webpage responds to the user’s input
  3. How stable the content is when it loads in the browser

So CWV also helps with rankings?

Yes. CWV doesn’t just improve organic rankings but aims to provide users with superior overall browsing experiences. This translates into more engaged customers and higher conversion rates.

Meanwhile, many other factors are counted alongside CWV as ranking signals: page design, page weight, media inputs, link building, and back to the basics – keywords.

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What is the latest on keywords?

  1. Keyword stuffing in content will NOT bring high rankings or good conversion
  2. Keywords matter at prime SEO spots such as meta descriptions, meta titles and alt tags
  3. Optimal content must have a good mix of short-tail and long-tail keywords
  4. Technical aspects such as UI/UX must not be overlooked

Does link building still matter?

Link building was and still is, a timeless technique to crack the first page. Without a proper link-building strategy, other SEO tactics will be in vain.

It goes without saying that quality content is important to build quality links.

What else is now important in SEO?

‘Local SEO’ and ‘voice search’ are quickly becoming key factors, but the primary focus for now should be on ‘mobile-friendliness.’

Why should be a website be mobile-friendly?

Not only do a great majority of people use mobile devices to access the internet, but Google also uses the mobile functionality of a website to help rank it.

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Whew. Is anything unchanged?

Some things like Google’s EAT principle stay the same when it comes to SEO. The Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness factors help the search engine decide how to rank pages on SERP, for any given search.

How does EAT matter to SEO?

E.A.T is a concept, not a ranking factor but it is the framework on which the algorithm differentiates between high and low-quality websites.

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