Targeting Potential Customers with Russian and Italian Translation

With accurate translation, brands can communicate with native speakers of different languages without losing key messages or witty tag lines. . Businesses looking forward to attract more clients of different nationalities such as Russian and Italian need to seek the professional expertise of a renowned translation services provider in the UAE such as 7G Media.

Translation service has become a major requirement in Dubai

Translation services in Dubai has become a major requirement since the emirate is considered home to expatriates from all over the world. The recent marketing research has shown that aside from English, the Internet is accessed in other languages by over 100 million people. 50% of these users speak their respective native languages rather than using English which is considered as an international language. Hence, a business seeking the opportunity to reach its target audiences should consider an approach where the native language of potential customers could be used instead of a common one, giving the business a competitive edge over the rest.

Russian and Italian Translations

In the UAE, although Arabic, English and Urdu are the main spoken languages, Russian translation in Dubai is also in demand. As there is a substantial community of Russian expatriates who have travelled here in search of better opportunities, websites providing information in a native’s dialect will help attract more clients than a standard corporate website.

Italian translation in Dubai is also needed as many Italians travel to the emirate every year. With the growth of the Italian community, the requirement for translation into and from Italian is increasing rapidly in the UAE.

The growth of Russian and Italian speaking individuals in Dubai have awaken marketing gurus and businesses, offering the right language where they can target potential markets and cater to these important stakeholders.

Since 2007, 7G Media, the leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, has established its reputation as a trusted provider of translation services across UAE, including website translation, advertising translation, interpretation services, financial, business and technical translation.

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