Home Page important Elements of every Website

First impressions are always important similarly on a website the home page is the first that a user sees. This is the most vital page of any website and when a user enters your site, you have a few seconds to impress them and grab attention. It is important that users like what they see if not they will simply switch to another.

Branding is a Must – Make sure you include the company name, log and tagline prominently so that visitors can easily identify them. Use a colour scheme that goes with your brand identity and includes whatever elements you use on your other marketing vehicles, consistency is a must.

Contact Us –  Make sure users can find a way to contact you without a hassle. You can include the general contact details such as the phone number, address, email and directions on how to get to your business location. Include a contact form too, this will allow you to gather information about your users.

Clear Navigation –  The navigation bar should be across the top of the page or down the side of the page with the active links. If you have a lot of pages it is best to incorporate a drop down menu to avoid the clutter of having too many links on the main panel. Make sure your links work smoothly and check them regularly.

Overview of the Company –  Include a clear and concise over of your company that is easy on the eyes. Don’t clutter with too much information but make it appealing for the reader. You can talk more about the company in the ‘About us’ page or include a ‘read more’ linking it to elaborate details.

Call to Action – If you have anything specific that you want your visitors to do or see, use then include a ‘call to action’ that stands out from rest of the content. Nobody wants to spend time reading through a muddle instead make your home page to communicate only the essentials.

Social Media Icons – Many small businesses overlook this feature. Whether your company is on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest you must include them. This will help promote your company’s social media presence and provide a direct link to the social media site. This gives users the option to be connected to your business in the most convenient way.

If you are targeting users that speak specific languages then you need to have the language section panel shown clearly. Find a proper translation services in Dubai so everything is done to perfection.

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