The best translation companies take a holistic approach

Any good translation company understands that nuance and process goes into the business of translation. Taking content written in one language and creating it into a fresh copy in a new one means moving beyond the rules of a textbook or dictionary and exposing that content the dynamism of life as it is lived.

As anyone who has travelled beyond her front door, communication lies not only in the words themselves. Words never exist abstractly from the entire journey of a living person in a lived environment. If you’ve ever learnt a language amid the sterile walls of a classroom or from the stock phrases of a textbook, you know that speaking the local lingo of a foreign tongue requires a lot more than memorisation and playing by the rules.

How do the best translation agencies work holistically? Here’s a few key ingredients:

1. They prioritize localisation.

Take the simple art of drinking coffee. Coffee is now an international phenomenon. You can find coffee shops around the world serving everything from old fashioned expresso in the old town of Florence to almond milk lattes in the airports in Shanghai. But even though coffee culture now permeates the globe, not all customers and cultures take their coffee quite the same. So, when marketing coffee, or translating a copy of content on cafés, a good translator needs to know the nuances of the local culture. How do people in one community drink their coffee? What cultures or traditions exist around the habit?

Localising translation is not just about overcoming language barriers and knowing the idioms of the local. A good translator knows the regional from a lived point of view. Translated content needs to be relevant to how locals live their everyday lives. Those lives are embedded in rituals, traditions and expectations. A good translation services embraces and integrates it all.

2. They know emerging markets.

The art of translation not only embraces lived traditions and customary behaviours, but it can recognize upcoming trends. Our experts at 7G Media work together as a team translators, marketers, writers and designers. We stay ahead of the trends. Translation is process of research into the ever-changing global market. The best translation services keep on top of it holistically.

3. They localise content translation at the beginning.

Translation localisation is not something that happens at the end of a project—it’s not a thing that gets stuck on after the crafting of content and design. If a company knows that they are going to market to an international audience, translation, trans-creation and the localisation of content needs to be part of the process from day one. Content strategists and translators ideally work together.

That’s the benefit of working with an agency like 7G Media – The leading digital marketing agency in Dubai . We have writers, developers, marketers, animators and translators working all under the same roof. Our team works holistically to strategize the entire process of global marketing. Translation and localising content is not an afterthought. It’s integral to the whole campaign. We consider timing, location and process.

Go with the professional translation services Dubai has to offer and treat your translation as the integrative process it needs to be to be competitive in the global marketplace.