Professional Logo Design Services in Dubai

Logo Design is the most crucial thing for any company. Next to the name, a logo is the most significant entity that will eventually be the link between your business and your customer. A customer will and should identify with your brand instantly through your logo. A company logo should stand out, and influence curiosity leading to  interest.

When designing a company logo, many factors come into play. The logo must stimulate brand recognition, trust, loyalty, and superiority amongst your competitors in the niche market you operate in. Think of a logo as your company flag, a symbol that is probably less important than the actual product but more important because of what it represents.

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into designing a powerful symbol for your company. Different fonts, colours, icons and placement all play a vital role in positioning your company in the minds of your customer. Customers use these traits in your logo to identify with specific traits that are familiar to them.

This brings us to one the most important aspects of designing a logo for your new venture. Many start-up firms are sometimes mesmerized by already existing famous logos which they try to imitate. Unfortunately, copying style or design is the worst thing you can do to your brand image. Copying style, font, or colours is only saying that you are not worthy of your own brilliance and therefore had to borrow the concept of your logo from another company. The idea of a design is to make your company stand-out in your industry and not be over shadowed by another company, and especially not your competitor.

To ensure the logo you obtain stands for the values your company stands for, is memorable, identifiable, and distinguishable, market research must be conducted from a general sense to understand the local culture, but also from an industry sense to understand the collective thinking of your target audience. Sometimes, many large global companies have only needed simple icons like the “tick” used by Nike® or a bite taken off an apple for the Apple® Inc. People around the world can identify and recognize these logos easily. From a technical point of view, these logos are easy to design and probably took just 5 minutes to complete, but it is the research that took place before the conceptualization that made them lasting works of art.

A logo is part of your company’s overall communication efforts with your public. A graphic design expert well versed with design software, tools and typography may have the right skills to design a high quality nice looking logo, but it is always important to ensure a professional communications firm guides the creativity and conceptualization process for a design that your customers won’t easily forget.

7G Media Consultancies offer ux design services to many clients in the Middle East. Our team of creative thinkers, effective communicators, market analyst and researchers work together to present clients with original and undisputed logos that have now become successful brand identification tags. Talk to us for professional logo design services in Dubai today, and let us help you design a logo that makes your company stand out!