The Serious Business of Website Translation Services in Dubai

Having a website is a crucial asset for any company. Exploring the website is the first thing that customers think of when searching for their required product, service, or information. However, if your business is in the Middle East, then chances are the majority of the population will speak two or even three languages; requiring every business website to cater to all major languages spoken in the region.

In Dubai and the UAE in general, there is a vastly varied multicultural society, so company websites must be presented in two main languages – Arabic and English, to ensure the reach is far greater.

Various website translation software and applications offer direct translation services that only present customers with basic information, and not the full impression of your company. This is partly due to the fact that the English language has the most diverse vocabulary and complex use that it is very difficult for many other languages to imitate the meaning precisely.

This is where the problem sets in for businesses. When the meaning is altered or the message is unclear, the Arabic version of your website may actually be deterring customers rather than convincing them to work with you. Also, a bilingual expert who may be able to translate visa documentation or a user manual will not necessarily be able to translate a financial business profile as effective as the original because the language styles are very different.

Previously it was just enough to have a presence online and your customers would go out of their way to try and understand you, while also taking other people’s recommendations into consideration. But customers who speak different languages are not going to be OK with being treated as unimportant. It is said that 56% of individuals spend more time on websites that are of their native language than in a language they do not understand. Furthermore, if your customer’s native language is Arabic, you will have to not only translate the facts but also the creative marketing dialect that will convince them to buy.

Some big brands that do business around the world have made major public blunders when communicating in different regions of the world. One very popular one that comes to mind is Pepsi. Their slogan “Come alive with the next generation” when translated into Chinese became “Bring your ancestors back from the dead”. This of course became a public façade which was later pulled. But the mistake may have just cost a few million customers who lost their loyalty to the brand.

Website translation in Dubai is a serious business. It is important to ensure when considering translation services in Dubai that the firm chosen understands the importance of brand image and maintains the same style and dialect as present in other languages.

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