Make Digital Marketing Meet the Mark

Revisit. Revise. Revitalise

“Almost anyone who ventures into digital marketing has to reshape it. Getting it right the first time is rare.”

As a digital marketing agency in Dubai, we acknowledge that digital marketing will spell out the future of our business even as it continues to be one of its sturdiest pillars. Many of our clients agree it is equally vital to the growth and ongoing success of their own businesses, as they make plans to increase spending or allocate a larger budget to digital marketing activities.

Why then should we pause and ponder? Which aspects deserve closer examination? What is the need for caution?

In recent months, digital marketing has navigated its way through incredibly difficult business conditions, connecting with customers stuck at home, digitising unusual products and services, and driving new revenue streams. It has not been without trials – or errors.

As digital marks a larger role in marketing strategies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain brand consistency, and build out a fully integrated brand strategy. Market trends and consumer behaviours are also subject to unexpected and dramatic change. And finally, there is the added pressure of accelerating results, just like other business functions.

While these are formidable challenges, there are proven steps and trusted tools to close the gaps.

  • Performance v/s potential

Whether you are selling products or services, directly or through distribution channels, to consumers or businesses, it is important to evaluate results against goals – periodically and regularly. A gap analysis is not just useful, it is vital to determine your current performance as compared to true potential.

A professional assessment will reveal what can achieve perfection.

  • The balance of timing

Implementing a marketing campaign across multiple digital channels, and making a measurable impact, will take a long time – and a large amount of patience. It may take several months before a strategy can come to fruition. On the other hand, a digital marketing plan may sometimes shoot past set deadlines.

Patience is a virtue, but if your campaign is in overtime mode, it is time to hit the reset button.

  • Getting the best value

Even the most carefully planned digital marketing campaign can hit a point where it no longer delivers value. The hard work you have put in may make it hard to pull the plug, but this will only push your patience – and budget – to the limit. If you are experiencing average-to-no returns on your digital marketing spend, it may also create funding difficulties in the future.

If your costs far outweigh the returns, it is time to reconsider that starting point – the strategy.

  • Juggling with ease

There are many factors that flow into the overall effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign, often making it harder to manage than traditional marketing. The internet is also a complex and sprawling entity, and some online spaces can be daunting. However, an analytic approach and an adequate number of tools allow us not only to pinpoint any kind of trouble, but even foresee it.

When the elements of your digital marketing campaign seem out of tune, change the composition.

  • Fuller integration

Having a presence on any one digital media platform is simply not enough anymore. To be truly effective, you must engage with audiences across the constantly growing landscape of apps, blogs, websites, social media platforms, third-party sites, and more.

Thus, digital marketing services in Dubai must be fully and truly integrated to drive all marketing decisions.

  • Metrics for consumer and customer

A savvy consumer makes brand decisions based on a broad set of digitally connected networks that is always in a state of change. They are also influenced by their digital peers. Meanwhile, the digital customer journey continues to get more complex. Metrics can do two things at once: quantify digital-specific contributions and define subsequent actions.

A good starting point is to assess every single touch point.

  • Cross-function collaboration

Digital marketing does not fare well when flying solo. Working closely with C-suite leaders and important groups is essential not only to gain approval and support for marketing investments, but also to understand its influence and impact. It is also an ideal way to elevate the marketing function and reinforce its position as a strategic contributor to corporate strategy and business objectives such as revenue, profit, or sales.

Digital transformation just gets better with collaboration.

  • Growth at the core

How digital marketing delivers growth is the strongest case for its success. Keeping your sight firmly trained on it. All other objectives like customer experiences, internal efficiencies, and marketing communications should be geared towards decreasing costs and increasing sales/revenue/volume/visibility.

Ultimately, digital marketing must be able to drive a business firmly forward.

Almost anyone who ventures into the space of digital marketing has had to revisit how it works and reshape it.

Getting it right the first time is rare.

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