5 Article Writing Tips to Get Published in Dubai Magazines

How do you make your articles stand out so it won’t be rejected by magazines? In this blog, you will discover the most common mistakes in article writing and the best tips to get your content published.

Before writing and submitting content to a magazine, writers must be aware of what the editor takes into consideration prior to publishing an article. It is also important to note that the editor can play a key part in helping the writer generate the best work possible. It is about achieving a good editor-writer relationship and knowing what factors to consider to produce content that is worth publishing.

Tips for article writers in Dubai

Tip # 1: Do research

Read different issues of the publication where you want to get published to get a feel of its writing style. You also need to take note of the standard length of the articles in the magazine.

Tip # 2: Discuss with the editor

If you have ideas or any particular stories for the magazine, you should discuss it with the editor.

Tip # 3: Seek the editor’s suggestions 

The editor can provide the right direction when crafting your magazine articles in terms of topics, treatment and writing style.

Tip # 4: Grab the reader’s attention

Ensure that the title and introduction of each article in the magazine are eye-catching and interesting enough to catch attention.

Tip # 5: Provide high-quality photography

In addition to creating the best magazine article or online article , you should not underestimate the importance of high-quality pictures. When including images, make sure images are copyright protected.


Discuss the requirements of the magazine, communicate with the editor regularly while the project is ongoing, find out where improvements can be made, learn from the specialists and get published.

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