Challenges Faced by Website Localization Services

In order to reach out to new audiences in new emerging markets, you have to speak their language. Leveraging the internet and online media to take your business global, is a win-win situation. By translating your website website localization, product descriptions, trends and other important data you can reach the audience in its target language, this is a global strategy that promises success. There are many people in Dubai who can understand English, just as well as they understand and speak Arabic fluently. However, when it comes to different cultures, people are more inclined to browse a site, buy products and services that are featured in their native language.


Website localization is a global business strategy that will help every business make their websites global, reaching billions of new customers in an international marketplace. A professional translation agency in Dubai will translate your text, web content, documents and all important material on your website, so that you can completely localize your web content to suit the local audience and it’s just as effective as your original content, and maybe even better and will help you avoid any cultural faux pas.

In addition to  localization and translation services in Dubai, your site can be made available in the local search engines as well through a multi-language SEO Service. As a business, you have the option of conducting your own research, to help decide which countries and languages, that will best be suitable for your business rollout. In today’s emerging market’s companies are opening their eyes to the many benefits of translating their websites, into a target language either completely or partially.

It is recommended that you have your entire site translated; however, you may choose to translate only key pages where you emphasize your international products and services. Translation of core pages may be an optional solution suitable for specific business needs.

Design issues

‘What monkey sees money wants’ the popular phrase can relate to people, who are visual creatures. A good company can attract customers with the help of packaging design in Dubai with an eye catching logo, a tag line, translated text which is encoded properly, text is justified as some languages can be very long and a menu that are arranged well.  Nothing is more effective than promoting your website to a global market with a visually appealing design to entice prospective clients.

Cultural Considerations

Just like practical design issues, cultural preferences play a key role as well in website localization. According to anthropologist Edward T. Hall, high context cultures such as Arab countries draw a lot of their conclusions from the context of a situation. They prefer intuitive, interactive website designs that feature a variety of images, animations and new browser windows that can be viewed simultaneously or flicked between.

On the other hand, low context cultures, such as North America and Germany, prefer to have  their Web pages concise, and more clear cut with more specific instructions, including, a straightforward menu, informational text and linear progression through the site. A good example of this the Coca Cola website, it’s a good example of a true global brand with a strong core identity, making the case for website localization seem very clear.

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