Interactive Print: How It Can Improve Brand Exposure

Being able to access content and information about event brands, companies or products almost instantly and at any time is swiftly becoming what consumers expect as a normal level of service. Providing this is known as ‘on-demand’ marketing and as the call for it rises more and more, a number of different forms of interactive print media have emerged.

Here are a few of the most popular interactive forms of print media available:

Magazines – augmented reality is becoming hugely popular and widely adopted across the globe. With a printed magazine advert consumers can use their phone to engage with a brand or company digitally.

Brochures – consumers are now able to connect to a website by scanning specific adverts printed in a brochure, making a connection between the physical magazine and a brand’s online presence.

Billboard advertising – there is now such a thing as ‘motion-activated digital displays’ which are targeted at the youth market. Large outside adverts such as these have not only been modernised but also encourage passers-bys to get connected via their phone or back at home on a computer.

Social media – the largest channel for advertisement by far, social media allows companies to delivery targeted marketing campaigns as and when they like, including Twitter handles or Facebook pages across a number of different channels and thus interconnecting them all.

Direct mail – generating unique URLs for each customer, therefore making them think the link is just for them, is a great way of encouraging users to engage with a brand more, and feel like they are a special individual who makes a difference and is valued.

Vouchers – including special promotions or codes on receipts that a consumer can scan, is a fantastic way of redirecting them to online vouchers and deals to save them money and boost company sales.

These are just a few of the new and exciting interactive forms of print media now available – some companies are also modernizing books, web cards and even packaging in a bid to bring as many marketing elements as they can into the 21st century.

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