How to Boost Sales With the Power of Words

Every marketer knows that the right choice of words can significantly increase sales and this has a  big impact on business. However, not every brand focusses enough on their content, which means standards are sometimes not met. This is why getting copywriting services from a reputable marketing agency is highly recommended. Copywriting is more than just structuring a sentence correctly; it’s about using persuasive techniques that help strengthen your brand’s image, increase conversion rates, build traffic and help with your SEO. By following these simple techniques, you can maximise the potential of your words.

Write in the first person

Many think it’s a good idea to take an eminent stance by talking in the third person. However, sometimes it’s best to write like you’ve written it. The word ‘you’ has been proven as the most powerful word in the advertising world – so use it!

Be personal

While you can’t speak to and convert everyone, you can work out who your general audience is and reach out to them. Visualise that person sitting next to you and give them the information they need to make a purchase.

Use lists and numbers

Use statistics and specifics and what you are saying will soon seem more plausible. It’s a well-known fact that we are attracted to stats as they give us mental confirmation, and lists work well as they fulfill our craving for order.

Use presuppositions

Talk to your audience as if they’re already using your service or product. This allows them to imagine using it and how great life would be if they did.

Make it exclusive

We all want what we think we may not be able to have, so make your service or product exclusive. After all, everyone wants to be part of a ‘select group’.

Use metaphors

Stories and metaphors have always been an integral part of the sales process – they help us empathise. If you have a complex product to sell, try to relate it to a daily routine.

Use eye-catching headlines

If you have a weak headline, it’s unlikely you will grab the reader’s attention. Offer them a secret, make it interesting or pose a question.

Use powerful words

Power words can trigger a response – these include ‘you’, ‘free’, ‘new’, ‘guarantee’ and ‘safe’.

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