How to Successfully run a Foreign Language PPC Campaign

With the rise in popularity of the internet and online content, companies from across the world are having to address a global audience and take different languages and cultures into account when developing an online ppc campaign, Search Engine Watch reports.

With English being the most popular language on the web, it is easy for businesses to assume that engaging with this one language is enough. However, Chinese and Arabic are growing in popularity and are very widely used – and ignoring these markets can spell disaster.

English only accounts for around 25% of total online usage and a recent study has shown that within the European Union (EU), only 18% of respondents said they would make a purchase from a site that wasn’t available in their mother tongue. This means that the advantages of adopting foreign language pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for businesses are huge.

Being able to tap into other markets by allowing customers access to a site in their own language, as well as website localization, can result in impressive website conversion results. Adopting these practices can build brand awareness across the globe and is also a highly cost-effective way to advertise on a worldwide scale.

Doing this means taking note of well-known search engines that are used in foreign markets, not just Google. Baidu is used in China and Yandex is used in Russia a lot, therefore knowing this and making sure that content appears highly in the search engine results pages (SERPs) for these search engines – as well as Google – is crucial.

This goes for content and keywords as well. When it comes to adapting these elements of an online campaign for foreign markets, taking colloquialisms and cultural differences into account is essential, as otherwise a business risks alienating their new audience rather than engaging them. This is where hiring a translator can be incredibly useful.

Finally, a business must always monitor the progress of a campaign and keep on top of any developments across the globe that may affect the company’s online profile.

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