How to Properly Use the Horizontal Scroll in Your Website Design and Development

A website is like a brand’s home – you want your favourite people to visit you and spend some quality time at your place. When it comes to website design and development, both these tasks require a lot of marketing and sticking to the rules and standards of the competitive digital world. 

The art of bringing people to your website revolves around the world of marketing and making them stick around after they’ve landed on the website is a complete science. As a professional website development agency in Dubai, we know that one of the basic rules is to grab the attention of the visitor in the first glimpse of the website, which mostly includes the top area of the web page such as the main header, and its content and design. You must then ensure that you keep that interest alive as the user scrolls through the page.

In providing website design services in Dubai, we have analysed and gathered some of the brands that have gone an extra mile to grab their visitors’ attention by turning the vertical scroll on their website to horizontal. 

Its unconventional, 


helps increase the users’ session on your website 

and helps decrease the bounce rate.

Let’s have a look at a few examples of how vertical scroll has been utilised by brands and businesses in various industries:

Impactful website design for an important cause 

PREVINT – A website focusing on interpersonal violence prevention that uses vertical scrolling to narrate a convincing and logical story and highlight the importance of acting against violence. 

Vertical scroll + illustrations + compelling storytelling = impactful website design

Incorporating navigation in the horizontal scroll of website design

The ‘Laart Box’ has logically, persuasively, and creatively incorporated the website navigation/menu into the horizontal scroll on their home page – which works so much better than the vertical scroll in sustaining the visitors’ interest and helping them navigate through different website pages.

Website development that brings it all together in the horizontal scroll

Christou 1910’s brand story, vision, USPs, and persuasive tactics for people to buy – all happening in the horizontal scroll with illustrations, animations, and a mascot. As a professional website development agency in Dubai, we see all the important elements of high converting websites right in here – the horizontal scroll doesn’t seem to hinder anything.

New strategies and initiatives demonstrated through horizontal scroll

UNDP uses the horizontal scroll to share the sustainable development plan for the year 2022. It helps keep the visitors’ interest, letting them concentrate on its objectives and read through its actionable goals while making it compelling through illustrative website design.

As a professional web development services agency in Dubai, we highly recommend the use of horizontal scroll in websites with a great mix of creative design, illustration and animation ensuring coherent storytelling and brand journey.