Choosing the Best Arabic Typesetting Services in Dubai

As one of the world’s oldest languages, rich in cultural history and with a worldwide reach, it is hard to go a single day without being influenced by some form of Arabic. However, despite the popularity of the language and a history that goes back to the 4th Century, many people still struggle with Arabic typesetting and typesetting services.

With as many as 26 countries listing Arabic as an official language, and around 280 million people speaking it worldwide, the importance of getting Arabic typesetting right is of the highest importance.

There are a number of software available for typesetting, however, some of the most popular do not allow users to do so in Arabic as the technology is often unable to deal with the various problems that arise with it. Specific plug-ins are often required, with various companies offering different levels of typesetting services; some even offer specialist systems tailored to various Middle Eastern languages, from Arabic to Farsi and Urdu.

One of the key issues with Arabic writing for typesetting services is the fact that it reads right to left, as opposed to left to right like a number of Western languages. This can prove tricky and sometimes trips up not only professionals in the industry but the technology itself. Arabic writing should always start from the top right of the page – similarly, if a news article is laid out in columns, the Arabic version should start from the right-hand column and move across the page that way. Pictures, graphs and other visual pieces of information should also be mirrored to ensure the page reads smoothly.

Numbers also prove tricky, as they can be written in two different formats in Arabic – either in Arabic numerals or Hindi numerals. Just to make things more difficult, the numbers run left to right.

Copying and pasting into Arabic typesetting software can also create challenges, as it often moves letters to the wrong places and sometimes publishes them in the incorrect form (for example, if it is isolated or a part of a word). Despite the leaps and bounds Arabic typesetting software has made in recent years, hiring a professional will ensure your copy is 100% correct and well-formatted.

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