Arabic to English Translation: Being Bilingual Isn’t Enough

Today, businesses around the world are integrated in many different ways. The ability to communicate concisely and bridge the language gap is an important aspect for the success of your company. There are plenty of Arabic to English translation services in Dubai, but how do you know you are choosing the right one for the job?

Since many businesses are reinforcing to cut down costs and narrowing the work flow, outsourcing has become an important part of companies around the world. When a company requires documentation to be translated into new languages it must be ensured you choose the correct translation services provider to take on the task.

There are several factors you need to check before handing over your translation work to an outsourced company.

Professional work

Being just bilingual doesn’t make a person qualified to translate your documents. It is a service provided by professionals to ensure quality output. Do a background check about the person who will be handling your translation project. Check for certifications and accreditations of the company as well as their client portfolio. If your documentation is based on a particular industry, you may want to check on industry expertise as well. For example, to work on IT and Legal documents, someone needs to have certain technical knowledge.

Decide on the right agency for your project

If you are in the UAE, do you need Arabic to English translation services in Dubai or are you comfortable with a company outside the country? Decide if you prefer to handover your project to an individual, small business or large agency; all these will be based on your preferences.

Some clients prefer to work with local companies with a large team whilst others rely on individual freelancers who are flexible with their work schedules and costing.

Do your research

Do your background check before choosing a translation provider to make sure you receive the best outcome for your business. If there is a governing body in your country check with them for recommended translation agencies. If you are working with individuals always speak to their previous clients or get recommendations before handing over work to them.

Check for expertise and quality

There are certain agencies or individuals that specialize in various translation work. Not everyone can translate a technical manual, medical text or even a novel. Larger companies may have experience handling various projects but always check on their level of expertise and knowledge in your work.

Know the technology being used

Another important factor to check regarding the translation service provider is the technology they are using. Since many computer translations and automatic programmes simply work as quick fixes, they may not offer the same level of personalized services and quality standard provided by a person.

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