English to Arabic Translation: Preserving Arabic Culture and Heritage

It has been claimed that the English language is responsible for the “seduction” of Emirati pupils across the country, according to Dr. Lana Mamkegh, the Minister of Culture in Jordan. When addressing a panel at the First Knowledge Conference in the UAE, he also stated that many students are unable to speak and write proficiently in Arabic by the time they start university.

Because of the cosmopolitan nature of the UAE, it is perhaps only natural that English would become a prominent language. However, the concern is that Arabic must remain at the forefront of everything locals do.

The government has placed this issue high on the agenda, and a law is set to be introduced which will see Arabic installed as the compulsory language of instruction in public schools. While currently most banking and the majority of business is conducted in English, this trait isn’t set to last.


The importance to preserve the identity of the proud nation of the UAE is a responsibility for everyone lucky enough to be welcomed into its society, not just locals. We can expect to see far more businesses being required to offer their services in Arabic as well as English.

This is likely to result in an influx of requests for English to Arabic translation services in Dubai, as businesses are encouraged to cater for the preservation of the identity of the proud nation.

Offering solutions

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