Effective eCommerce marketing strategies to improve your online sales

Every company wants to improve its online traffic and conversions. Here, 7G Media’s experts in digital marketing services provide an overview of essential eCommerce marketing tactics that can help your product or services to generate more online sales.

What is eCommerce marketing?

Ecommerce marketing offers a significant internet marketing strategy to promote your product or services online. It can expand audience reach, improve brand awareness and, ultimately, increase online sales! Ecommerce marketing is a great way for online stores and organisations to tap into that growing power, with advertisements that are specifically designed to draw consumers to an eCommerce website.
Here are some eCommerce marketing ideas you can apply to promote your online service or drive more sales for a specific product…

Upsell your products:

Upselling involves inducing customers to purchase a higher version of a product or an additional item, in order to make a more profitable sale. It helps to increase the average order value (AOV) and also increases the lifetime value of a customer. The more upsell opportunities you show to the customer, the greater the chances to improve your online sales. Here are the few places on your website where upselling can play a vital role:

1. Product pages – Display a host of product versions in a multiple choice, to tempt the customer to shop more
2. Add to cart – This is a great opportunity to show related products or services that can help customers get more value from those they have already planned to buy.

Optimize product pages:

Professionally optimizing your product pages – from keyword research to link-building to technical SEO (search engine optimization) – can drive relevant traffic and potential customers from the search.
Along with these strategies, an effective inbound marketing plan helps to further boost your business revenue. Use good quality product images to impress your users and optimize your content for search engines. Mobile optimized product pages can help users to buy from anywhere, anytime, and they also increase the overall user experience for your customers.

Ecommerce content marketing:

A great eCommerce product page should provide high level, detailed information about the available goods or services. Well-written, error-free content can include the benefits and features of a product. Also, it’s a fact that interactive content generates twice the amount of conversions than static content. An eCommerce product page ought to offer details such as:

• A relevant product title and description
• Price details
• Important features and benefits
• Maintenance instructions
• Brand information
• Size/dimensions/quantity

SEO product page content also helps you to rank higher in SERPs (search engine result pages) and drive more online sales.

Improve your email campaigns:

Email marketing services in Dubai is one of the most effective ways to maintain and strengthen customer relationships over time. With artistic visuals and engaging written content, you can deliver targeted suggestions, product announcements and discount offers to your audience and keep them interested in your product. One case study found that automated personalized emails had a 75% higher open rate than those that lacked personalization.

Engage online visitors with live chat:

Live chat is the quickest, most interactive channel of web contact, making communication simple for both you and your customers. Users can click the chat window anytime they need assistance, so this tool provides an instant customer support service and can help your company to engage with several customers at one time. Live chat is one of most cost-effective customer acquisition tools on the market. It is not just a cost-centered support channel… it has the power to grow customers and businesses!

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