Corporate Videos – Do Them Right

Corporate videos are a fantastic marketing technique, and can be used by businesses of all sizes from practically any industry. They are, however, notoriously difficult to get right. They combine the visual with the spoken word and can be shared on websites, on adverts and on social media sites, too.

However, there are a number of important elements to consider when creating a corporate video. Being truthful is paramount – a business must come across as trustworthy to both the consumer and potential business partners. Other important aspects include:

Being concise.

Make sure the message is to the point and contains all the relevant information. Don’t make it too long or the audience will lose interest.

Telling a story.

Although you must keep it short, including some kind of narrative structure will help the message sink in with the audience and will be more easily remembered than simply reeling off facts and figures.

Including a call-to-action.

The end of every corporate video must contain some form of call-to-action; otherwise the whole idea behind using such a medium is lost. A call-to-action will encourage viewers to take that next step after watching the video and connect with the company, rather than forgetting and moving on.

Sharing is caring.

Being sure to share the video across as many sites as possible (or as many sites as is appropriate) is all part of the marketing strategy. Make it permanently available on the company website and publish the video on any Facebook pages, as well as tweeting it on occasion – but don’t spam users with the video at all times of day. Keep track of where and when it is being shared so that you don’t end up repeating yourself.

Use professional editors.

If there is no-one in-house who is able to edit and direct a video to a high-quality, then definitely look into utilizing a professional studio or agency. This will mean the video looks as professional as the company, and will appeal to audiences much more than an amateur video.

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