The Art and Science of Copywriting

Copywriting or written promotional content used on websites, brochures, ads, and other company marketing material, be it written or spoken is an integral part of your sales efforts across the board. It is an art and science of convincing potential customers to do business with you using the written word.

Many people have the misconception that anyone with good language skills can write a good copy, but this is in fact far from the case. Writing good copy entails psychology in understanding the specific customer segment, marketing skills, product knowledge, industry knowledge, and immense creativity to use the written language in selling your service effectively.

Copywriting is an inexpensive pitch that a company can utilise to present its services to a wide customer base, speaking to various demographics in different languages. It can be a single tag line or a few lines that describe your product in the newspaper or an online advert, it can be the script for a TV or radio commercial or it can even be a convincing blog page.

With each line of communication, a different approach is taken, considering diverse factors such as audience attentiveness, major selling points for your products or service, and the communication style.

Any form of copy that represents your company information needs to be concise, accurate and true. In the past, companies got away with saying just about anything they wanted to about their products and services, and the masses believed them, because they presumed corporations wouldn’t lie to their consumers.

With the serious amount of backlash and lawsuits that followed, companies realised that every word used to communicate should be the absolute truth. This is where proofreading services in Dubai take on the responsibility of ensuring that the content communicated is substantiated.

Companies are beginning to realise the value in proofreading, not just in fact checking, but also to ensure perfect grammar and style in the language used, as even the minutest error can have a negative impact in the minds of your audience.

It is scientifically proven that consumers are deterred by the smallest of errors and in many cases, consumers reading or hearing your adverts have the tendency to specifically look for errors made by companies they intend on doing business with: this not to find fault but to support their decision to purchase.

Proofreaders have received specialised training and accreditation that allows them to further ensure the words and phrases used by a company are legally permitted and viable, securing their corporate image to the public eye.

When approached the right way, copywriting services in Dubai is one the most inexpensive methods to heighten brand image, build customer relationships and improve brand loyalty.

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