Why You Need an Arabic Copywriter in Dubai

If you are an English or Arabic copywriter in Dubai, you will see numerous examples of poor translation, poorly constructed sentences and nonsensical articles. These appear on billboards (which companies pay huge money for!), online and in the local (English) press. There really is no excuse for this, and within the English copywriting community, it baffles the mind to think that some of the errors in text have managed to get through QC (Quality Control).

If you don’t have an expert in English copywriting who creates your marketing and web material, you’re already on your way to losing.

Let’s put it this way: If your material doesn’t resonate in some way with your audience, your campaign is doomed.

If you can’t communicate your offer or service with correct English, spelling and grammar, where on earth will your credibility be? Nowhere.

You may think your message is meaningful, compelling and emotional, but misspell or miss out a word entirely, and it’s worthless. Time and time again, we can witness these kinds of errors on expensive, paid advertising.

So while the first rule of copywriting is usually to focus on promoting the features and benefits of what you are offering, in Dubai it is suggested that the first rule should be to check and double check, and have an English copywriter do the same. There are big brands in operation that have not done this, and it portrays a poor image.

Stop, look, act and purchase

At 7G Media. we pay attention to details. All copy should encourage the audience to stop, look, act and finally purchase; and we surely get it right – first, in terms of the correct use of language, and second, in terms of the message. Within our team, we have a selection of English copywriters with strong backgrounds in the British Media, and we also have what we consider to be the best Arabic copywriter in Dubai.

With the continued resurgence of Arabic in the UAE, it is vitally important to create copy in both languages, something we recommend to all of our clients. It’s only a matter of time before English takes a back seat in the eyes of the Dubai government, and Arabic is prioritised in terms of business dealings. It’s important to make certain that your business is ready to cater for both languages when the time comes.

Every possible area of digital marketing is covered off for our clients in over 50 languages, and we have helped launch some of the strongest campaigns in Dubai which have yielded fantastic results, while ensuring that our clients don’t end up publishing damaging, error-strewn copy all across the sands.

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