Cut the Content Chaff and Connect

At 7G Media, we know that not every idea for content marketing makes the cut. When it comes to writing great content, we research the latest trends on what works depending on your distinct market. But sometimes that means getting clear on what doesn’t stand up.

Let’s look at that chaff. Chaff is any superfluous covering. It disguises what works for your brand. And there’s a lot of superfluous content out there on the web. Sometimes it takes a professional to separate the wheat—the stuff that converts—to the chaff—the unnecessary stuff that only serve to keep clients away. Here’s five tips on what to cut from your content.

Poor Grammar

No content marketing campaign is going to fly when a mixed metaphor is keeping it on the ground. If you want clients to take you seriously, you need to get serious about your writing. A good content writer and editor knows the rules of grammar in and out—enough so that she can add fragments, craft a misspelling or play with the rules for effect. But an unintentional deviation from the standards will jeopardize your readers’ trust. It’s like a trained pianist who knows the notes. If he messes around, he knows what he’s up to. His listener can hear the difference. The same goes for writing content. If you want people to perceive the professionalism, finesse and authority of your brand, don’t let a “seen” for a “saw” ruin your reputation.

Overdosing on Your Product Name

Sure, most content marketing plans exist to generate sales or promote a service. But if you’ve saturated your content with your product name, you won’t draw in your readers—you’ll alienate them. You’ll come off like a pushy salesperson who’s sticking his foot in the door when it’s already closing. Mentioning your brand too often will give your content the aesthetic appeal of junk mail. And you know where that stuff ends up.

Taking the Air from Your Customers

If you’re a frequent flyer, you know the airline safety routine by now. In case of an emergency, take the oxygen mask, put it on securely around your head and then help the person sitting next to you. Well, content marketing doesn’t play by those rules. If content were oxygen, give it to your audience first. Of course, your content must reflect your brand, your story, your style—but give your readers air to breathe. Let them know that you’re there for them first. A good rule of thumb is to take “I” and “we” out of your content. That will help shift your focus away from your company to the customer.

Delivering Dinosaurs

Unless you’re in the market of posting retro content to comment on how obsolete it is, don’t recycle yesterday’s news It may have worked last month, but the life-cycle of web content is short. Readers want it delivered fresh. Good content marketing capitalizes on whatever is relevant.

Filling and Fluffing

Who hasn’t read an opening paragraph that sounds generic, banal and offers nothing original to the topic? Strip it away. Resist the urge to fluff your content with filler. Readers will see straight through it. Most readers online are already impatient. Get them in from the get go and deliver the goods. Leave out whatever’s pointless.

Writing great content stripped away of chaff takes effort, research and skill. If you need help with your content marketing and want to work with professionals, get in touch with us at 7G Media. We are the best digital marketing agency in Dubai and we’re masters and separating content wheat from chaff.