The Language of Business Translation in Dubai

A common misconception in business is that the language you must communicate in is English. This blinkered viewpoint is unfortunately wide of the mark, as if it were true the translation market wouldn’t be growing at a rate of 6% annually, and already be worth a staggering $37 billion.

It is true of course that English content reigns supreme across the internet, but it’s easy to forget that there are literally billions of people who don’t read English, have no desire to read in English, and most importantly – have no need to read in English.

The reality is that it falls upon businesses to translate their marketing material and localise products to reach the widest possible audience. This may seem like basic common sense, but in many jurisdictions globally, executives are only just waking up to the importance of accurate translation services in order to fully propel their products and services.

This requires linguists with localised knowledge and a pure grasp of what it is your business needs to say to be able to communicate with its target audience. These types of business translation services in Dubai are readily available, and competition is fierce between translation firms, but to become the leading firm and to stay at the top requires a methodology which differentiates it from the rest. In the same way as every sector of business, a firm that wishes to stay ahead must continually move and look forward, and one of the hot topics within translation right now, is the implementation of technology. As technology continues to improve, we are likely to see more translation companies embrace the use of it to increase their productivity and output. But not just yet.

The future for translation in Dubai

The reliance on human linguists is still dominant in Dubai, despite other areas of the world beginning to open up to new technology. Currently however, translation tech has many drawbacks, not least the fact that emotional translation cannot be undertaken by machines. Technology in the industry is still very much in its infancy, but in the next few decades – once the deficiencies have been ironed out – translation for businesses is likely to be able to cut costs and speed up the process across borders by employing at least an aspect of translation tech.

In Dubai, more than anywhere in the world, the need for appreciation of different cultures and a variety of communication challenges is pertinent. 7G Media has been providing business translation services in Dubai since 2007 to some of the largest organisations in operation here. It is through experience that we are able to offer the highest level of service across all communicative channels and in over 50 languages.

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