The Architect of Book Design Services in Dubai

It was Penguin – arguably the most instantly recognizable publisher in the world – that first implemented a new way of thinking in layout and cover work, which is now the industry standard when it comes to book design services. But it wasn’t without a fight….

It was back in the early sixties, when a Polish graphic designer came up with the layout which would go on to become the staple for any credible release over the next 50 years.

His name was Romek Marber, and his grid layout for the design of Penguin book covers (now simply called the ‘Marber Grid’) introduced pictures to the cover of books. At the time this was seen as being most unorthodox, in fact Penguin themselves favoured a simple typographic design for the covers of all of their books.

It was Marber’s work on the design for “The Economist” that first grabbed the attention of the art director at Penguin books, Germano Facetti. Facetti commissioned Marber to try a couple of designs for two Simeon Potter books, and was so impressed that he contracted him to work on a series of crime novels.

It’s a Lifestyle

Design wasn’t just a profession for Germano Marber, it was a passion. And so integral was it as a part of his life (he basically lived and breathed design), that his research into the cover designs for the crime series went way beyond anything that had ever been seen before.

He intricately studied what had gone before, and he quickly identified that while the cover should remain recognizable as a Penguin release, it needed something extra. He subsequently squeezed the title and author names to the top and introduced an image which took up two thirds of the cover. The books flew off the shelf and the design has been the mainstay of publishing ever since.

Modern day designers still emulate his original creation, and the fact that it has stood the test of time is testament to the research and consideration given to the design before its implementation. These are fundamental aspects to all good book design services. It may in hindsight seem like rather a simple idea, but in design, it is often the simplest ideas which prove the most effective.

At 7G Media – top digital marketing agency in Dubai, we provide this outlook to our work, which has helped to establish us as the leaders in English content services Dubai. From novels to catalogues, and everything in between, we help to bring books to life. Marber’s precision to detail and extensive research of his market meant he was able to create the blueprint which has remained the focal point of the entire industry.

By taking inspiration from his dedication to his art form, 7G Media ensure that book design in Dubai is readily available, and is able to stand up to the standards set by Marber all those years ago.