Who’s a Real Expert in Arabic to English Translation?

Finding the perfect Arabic to English translation agency is the most important phase of establishing a new business in the UAE. However, as demand for any service grows, there is an inevitable influx of entrants into the industry who are only interested in chasing the money associated with its success. This is not something exclusive to the rapidly expanding translation industry in the Middle East. Every industry falls victim to bandwagon-jumpers at some point, and they end up diluting what was there at the beginning and costing credibility to the pioneers. Music, sport, app development and pretty much all streams of popular culture can testify to this.

Knowledge Gaps

In the Middle East, we are seeing a situation where translators without the necessary skillset to deliver quality in their work are merely “rendering one form of letters into another.” This is according to Dr. Salah Basalamah, Translation Professor at the Hamad bin Khalifa University in Doha.

The deficiency stems from a lack of understanding of the original text –be it English or Arabic – and it is having an effect on the huge number of multi-national conferences and events flocking to the region.

According to Professor Basalamah; “It’s a real mess, non-Arabic speakers think they are able to translate from Arabic as they can read Arabic letters.” This affects the quality and is lowering the credibility of honest translators who have been successfully operating in the region for decades.

Unfortunately, those with capabilities at the lower end of the scale, also offer their services at the lowest price, and businesses often fail to see that – even in the world of translation – the cheapest is rarely the best.

Before signing up to an agency offering Arabic to English translation services in Dubai, it is always a good idea to take a look at their portfolio and their previous clients.

The Answer

7G Media – leading digital marketing agency in Dubai, has a team of highly skilled and passionate Arabic to English translators with many years of experience working within television, advertising and print media.

When it comes to Arabic to English translation services in Dubai, we offer comprehensive services which passes through our entire staff of writers, from our Arab team to our British team. By using an extended chain in this manner, the copy is checked, re-checked and finalised in English by an English national. It makes sense to do things this way, and it remains a mystery why no other translation agencies in the region feel the same.