The Challenging Job of Arabic Copywriters in Dubai

There are many difficult-to-handle jobs in Dubai, and nobody would ever, for one second, overlook the value of the people who keep this great city functioning 24/7, but just for a moment, let’s spare a thought for the Arabic copywriters in Dubai.

Incredibly diverse

The Arabic language is one which is incredibly diverse, with more nuances and subtleties than any other. It is also subject to sweeping differences from location to location across the Middle East. So, when you bring together representatives from every Arab country, all doing business in the great big melting pot that is Dubai, you will find that their copywriting requirements differ hugely.

This is something which only the very best have adapted to. The very first question at the initial brief should always be: “Which country are you from?”

Then, and only then, will the very best Arabic copywriters know exactly how they need to write their copy.  An experienced copywriter in Dubai knows what it takes. They know the culture (or the mix of it), and they know the geography. That’s really what it’s all about. Dubai is like no other marketplace in the Middle East, probably the world.

“You may not like it, but it’s what you want…”

Clients must be mindful of the fact that when it comes to Arabic copy, it may not instantly be what you thought you wanted, but this is Dubai. Things are different here. The emirate is leading the way in many sectors while moving at an extreme pace, and to be successful in whichever venture you are involved in, you really need to make sure you can keep up.

An important part of this is making sure your marketing and content is put forward and presented in a style and language your Dubai audience will understand. Engaging the services of a copywriter with no experience of Arabic content production in Dubai will most likely lead to weak content and diluted appeal. It’s one of the hardest things to get right, and it takes years of hard work to perfect.

The skills of an Arabic copywriter go way beyond what you would usually associate with a normal copywriter. They use one language, with thousands of interpretations, to deliver one effective message for all.

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