Simple yet Effective Arabic Branding for your Website

The proper way of branding means creating consistency in both online and offline aspects of your business. In the modern era having a website is as important as having a telephone number you can provide to your customers. A website creates a perfect platform to maintain a positive image of your company thus Arabic branding services in Dubai is in great demand.

If your company need to create a perfect online brand image, you could seek assistance of a renowned team of professionals that provide social media content creation services such as 7G Media. The following steps will help you improve your website and in return solidify your brand image.


  • Text

The language used to communicate with the clients should differ according to the target audience. The personality that you want your brand to portray should be identified clearly as the tone of voice used plays a major role in shaping your brand.

  • Images

Include pictures that are relevant to your business. Original high resolution pictures of products, services and staff are more compelling and are able to create ‘trust’ towards your brand as consumers prefer to know what exactly they are getting.

Design & Layout 

Create a logo that represent your business style and place it in a fixed header to be visible on all the pages of your site. Also make sure that the colour scheme of the site and the background are in line with your logo as the colour palette should promote your brand identity.

Informative pages

  • About Us

Give an idea of your values, business identity to the visitors of the website in a tone of writing that represents the brand.

  • Testimonials

Enhance your visitor’s understanding of the business by including positive testimonials. You could also include an option to add their comments.

  • Contact us

Including all your contact details that will give the visitors the opportunity to reach you easily is one of the best ways to create associations with your brand.

Social Apps

Being active in social networks helps the process of branding your business. However the language and look & feel of each social channel should be aligned with your brand and feature the website domain.

Email Marketing

Stay in touch with your clients with email marketing and as you engage with your target audience it will help expand your brand’s reach. Real time stats retrieved will help you track your performance.

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