Animation: Power & Trends

With video content being the latest marketing trend with maximum influence in conversion and lead generation, it’s hard to ignore its power in storytelling. It has been growing in last few years especially in web design and marketing videos where it is used to explain different features of products. Animations and motion graphics take less time to develop but still are attractive and impact are being developed and used extensively.

There are several reasons why animation works better than other types of visuals

  • Captures the viewer’s Attention
  • Simplifies Complex Topics
  • Evokes Nostalgia
  • Adds Fun
  • Is Versatile
  • Cost effective

Given the edge of animation over live action, it can not only lead to compelling storytelling but when used properly, can actually strengthen UX. And better user experience can lead to higher conversions. Here’s how:

Loading sequences
Loading doesn’t have to be boring. Just about any site can utilize a skeleton screen or subtle animation when loading its content to prevent users from clicking away.

Guide user interest
Use animation to guide (and not distract) the user. Quick animations and motion on the left side of the screen attract attention. Be sure not to distract from the important content.

Interesting Transitions
Use animated transitions to move to a different part of the page or reveal a new part of the site. This clarifies where the user started and ended on the page.

One example is the Google Search app, which uses transitions to keep the screen animated while the app loads search results.

  • The app loads pages in a three-part transition:
  • The page slides in from the right.
  • The loading bar progresses from the left.

Content fades in smoothly onto the page.

Show, don’t tell – Use animation to confirm clicks, purchases, and signups from your users. This shows that the action was complete and the site hasn’t frozen.

Virtual Reality – The storytelling through virtual reality will be attractive enough to gain more popularity. Virtual reality in animation has great potential in future and will be extensively used in all formats.

Simplified Iconography – Simplified and less complex approach icon and logos have become very popular among designers.

Use of GIFs – Gifs are used in web design and many other purposes since long. The Use of Gifs gained popularity with Facebook and Twitter allowing Gifs on their respective platform.

Handcraft – Another popular trend in motion graphics and animation is combining live action elements and different CGI components that are a great way let audience give a new style to see.

Retro Look – Very recently the creation of retro look through animation and motion graphics is becoming popular.

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