5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Campaigns Are a Boost for Your SME Business

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll know there are a number of marketing options to choose from various digital marketing campaigns.

One, you could go the traditional route and spend all your budget on marketing channels like billboards or printed press advertising. No doubt, though, you are digitally alert and realise you also need to reach the public through social media channels and specialist online content techniques like Search Engine Optimization.

Digital platforms have changed the game. It is essential to keep pace with modern expectations and the needs of internet users if you ever hope to attract and retain them as clients. More and more, people are browsing and buying products online. Indeed, according to Forbes magazine’s latest report, the percentage of customers looking for products over the internet is as high as 82%, while 79% of customers shop online.

So the question now is: what is the best way to connect with these customers quickly and cost effectively?

The answer is simple: targeted digital marketing services. Take a look at these top five reasons why you should be launching e-marketing campaigns that boost your business.

Lower cost, bigger impact
E-campaigns can be tailored to fit any size budgets. Certainly, in comparison to traditional advertising methods, such as print advertisements in newspapers and magazines, marketing through social networking sites and search engines like Google is not only cheaper, it is also more effective.

What’s more, internet services that drive traffic to websites (like pay-per-click advertising) only command payment when someone clicks on the ad. Sponsored posts are another valuable solution. These enable you to promote content for your business and persuade users to click through to your website via posts on other, highly visited websites.

Reach your target audience, quickly and directly
Unlike traditional advertising, e-marketing allows you to identify and target the audience that is most likely to show interest in your products and services. Several tools are available on social media sites that allow you to select options such as ‘user type’, ‘relationship’ and ‘geographical location’.

Critically, e-marketing is also the only tool through which you can reach out to smartphone users. This is increasingly important as more than 50% of internet users now browse websites via their mobile devices.

Interactivity tools help to refine your marketing strategy
Marketing platform services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics enable you to monitor browser activity, see how people reach and interact with your website, how long they spend on each page, whether they show interest in your services or products, among other valuable data. If you notice that one of your ads on Facebook, for example, receives high rates of interactions but does not achieve corresponding sales, the related analytics will have at least provided you with meaningful user information that will help you to adjust your strategies.

Immediate and wide distribution
Post an ad in your local newspaper and you’ll have to wait for at least a day, in some cases longer, until it is published – and then reaches only those readers. In contrast, you can publish your latest e-marketing campaign with a mere click of a button – and reach a far wider audience.

Whether your business has won an award, launched an initiative, started a new project or are supporting a charity, e-marketing puts you in control of when and where to publish your company news.

If you want to keep your customers connected, another excellent way to do that is through a regularly updated blog. This digital platform is a more personal way of communicating with your clients and target audience, creating opportunities to engage on an individual level, such as providing direct answers to their questions, or more broadly, perhaps by keeping them informed of the latest trends in your business sector.

Flow of unpaid ‘organic’ visits
You don’t need a huge budget for your website to receive a barrage of ‘organic’ visits, which reach you via the listings on a search engine results page like Google. Valid search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts, which use keywords in your website content to describe your business, products or services, will help you attract more visits directly from search engines. What’s more, a professional strategy to improve your website rankings will help you get to the forefront of search engines and, thus, increase traffic to your website.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of e-marketing campaigns, please contact our team of digital marketing experts. As Dubai’s leading digital marketing agency and social networking campaign manager, 7G Media digital agency would be delighted to help you achieve your marketing goals and boost your brand.