Top Five Tips to Article Writing in Dubai

Writing an article, which achieves all it initially sets out to do, need not be the most challenging thing in the world, provided that you, as Arabic & English Copywriters Dubai, need to remember these five golden rules to perfect your technique:

1. What do you want from this?

It’s a simple question really. Most articles are written with a specific target in mind. This could be to stimulate interest in something you are promoting, create furious debate in the comments section, convince the reader of your personal viewpoint, or simply to report the facts.

2. Know your audience

After you have set out what you hope to achieve from the writing of the piece, you must identify the demographic you want to reach and interact with. Everything you write has to be engaging for your identified readership, so put yourself in their shoes, and make sure you stick to the style you have identified as being of appeal to them.

3. Nail the title

They say ‘never judge a book by its cover’, but everyone will judge your article by its title. You have to grab the attention instantly with your title. It’s well documented that our single-serving society absolutely loves a list, so a “Top 5” of anything will usually do ok (like this one), or something perhaps slightly more sensationalist to reel in the readers. It should never be misleading, but thousands of articles do use titles completely unrelated to the content just simply to get the readers in.

4. Break it up

Layout is really important. Large bodies of text are not often going to get read. Plenty of pictures, and plenty of sub-headings should be used to break up the body of work. People like to scan and read very quickly, so if you have paragraphs with four or five sentences included it makes it harder to read at pace, and people won’t make it to the end of the article.

 5. Work on structure

Always make sure your articles are structured well. Articles aren’t essays, you should always sign off not with a conclusion, but perhaps with a wistful and thought provoking quote or question. Use plenty of quotes throughout, ask as many rhetorical questions as you can, don’t use over-complicated wording, and most of all, write every line to encourage the audience to read on to the next one.

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