The most common mistakes in Website Content Writing

Copywriting can be hard to get right and more often than not silly mistakes can slip through the net. Even the most professional copywriter will approve and publish an error every once in a while. Here are a few of the most common copywriting mistakes everyone makes:

The headline is the first thing people read, so if it is sloppy or contains grammatical errors, it is unlikely that anyone will read the rest of the article. Trying to be too witty or too original can in fact put consumers off; if the headline focusses too much on trying to be funny rather than the content, or varies wildly from tried and tested professional headlines, then those reading it are unlikely to be impressed. Similarly if the headline guarantees something ludicrous without being backed up by the content of the actual article, readers will lose trust in the business.

Badly structured content
Make sure that articles don’t appear as one long body of text – break it into sections by using paragraphs, tabs, bullet points etc. Many people skim content to find the part relevant to them, so make sure each section is easily recognisable.

Bypassing the benefits
It can be easy to get caught up in the features of a product or service, so much so that some copywriters forget to mention the benefits. Make sure both elements are covered in the same article.

Keywords, passion and calls to action
Content should always include keywords related to the business or industry, a real sense of passion and pride in the particular product or service and a call to action. If an article is one long call to action, without any sense of excitement or any relevant keywords, then customers are likely to forget the article and take no further action once they’ve finished reading (if they do finish, that is).

Whether it is a web content writing for your company or drafting a professional press release, copywriters must be aware of the above mistakes and ensure the content produced is of the highest quality.