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Urdu, a language primarily spoken in Pakistan, is an extract of Hindi-Urdu written using Arabic Nastaliq script, which closely resembles the modern Arabic letters that we are all familiar with today. Urdu is spoken by close to 200 million people around the world, and is the native language of over 1.6 million people in the UAE and 3.6 million people living in the MENA region. Understandably translating into Urdu or from Urdu as a source language is a task that only highly skilled and professional Urdu Translation services in Dubai can handle.

There is an interesting story behind how Urdu came to be: Urdu is a language that originated in India – Delhi to be more precise – but became another language as it was the adapted language for the Arab invaders in the Northern part of India, now known as Pakistan. There are also some common misconceptions tied to the beginnings of Urdu. Many people, even those who speak it, believe that Urdu is a combination of Farsi, Arabic and Turkish. This highly false perception of course stems from the fact that Urdu is written using Arabic Nastaliq script, which is similar to the Arabic used here in the Middle East.


Urdu is in fact a dialect of Hindi, and belongs to the Indo-European language tree belonging to the western Hindi branch, with deep roots in Sanskrit. When the Central Asian invaders took control of the Northern part of India, they learned to speak the local language, which was Hindi, but wrote the language in Arabic for convenience. As a result Urdu was customized by Muslim leaders in the 11th and 12th centuries. Many Farsi, Arabic, and Turkish words came into use and eventually Urdu was the name given to the Hindi spoken in Pakistan. However, the spoken word is really no different from Hindi with just a few changes influenced by a predominantly Islamic Culture.

If you speak Hindi, you will be able to understand Urdu without much effort. If you are able to read and write Arabic, you should be able to pick up Urdu effortlessly. But to be able to translate into Urdu from other languages like Arabic, English, or Hindi, Urdu should be your native language or mother tongue, and ideally should have a degree certification in the target language to be able to effectively transfer the information from one to the other.

Urdu Translation

When seeking services for Urdu translation in Dubai, be sure that the firm you do business with works with native Urdu speakers. If translating into or from Urdu, the translator must consider the target language like Arabic, English, or Hindi or any other language as his or her mother tongue with Urdu being a strong second language skill.

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