Al Masar Magazine Design
Magazine Editorial

Al Masar Magazine
Design & Content

A corporate magazine for the RTA in Dubai, featuring news, editorials and interviews relating to transportation developments in the UAE and internationally.

Emarati Cook Book
Writing and Translation

Cook Book Translation


The first cook book ever published to document traditional Emirati recipes from the bygone era. The cook book has a larger aim of preserving traditional Emirati heritage, hospitality and values, passed down from the generations that went before.

Employee Gift Package

New Employee

Gift Package

Conceptualised to welcome new employees to the space centre, the new employee gift package contains a note pad, employee handbook (originated in Arabic), a pen and a USB presented in a beautifully designed and crafted gift box.

Career Guide
Book Design & Editorial

Career Guide

Book Content & Design

An Arabic manual to guide Emirati graduates and final year students through the process of finding employment after university.

Smart House
Interactive Touchscreen

MBRSC Smart House


The MBRSC smart house is an autonomous, off-grid home and is the first of its kind in the region that uses sustainable initiatives and features to maintain a healthy, cool living climate for its inhabitants.

An Overview of Mars
Interactive Touchscreen


Project Space


As a part of the Project Space event, we presented a host of scientific and human exploratory information on Mars, using an interactive touch screen platform for the audience to uncover the secrets of the Red Planet.

Web design & development

Amassi Catering
Responsive Design

In addition to content origination, we designed and developed the website for this new catering brand. This is a full-service proposition, whereby the entire project was delivered from the foundations up, in both Arabic and English.


Red Planet Kids Magazine
Magazine Editorial

Red Planet

Kids Magazine

An engaging space and science magazine targeted at engaging children aged between six and 14 years old across the UAE. The magazine features an inspirational recurring story, interviews with astronauts and Emirati role models, and informative scientific infographics.


Majarat Magazine
Magazine Design



The UAE’s only magazine dedicated to space science and technology, distributed across the nation to raise awareness of the UAE’s space programme, the work of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, and to educate, inform and inspire.