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Government Website Design Services in Dubai - Ministry of Finance, UAE


Website revamp that revolutionised website trends for government entities in UAE

User-interface reimagined
Simplifying the user journey across website
Clear and detailed information
Interactive interface for polls, surveys and feedback



The UAE Ministry of Finance wanted a user-interface that aligned with the standards defined by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), yet with an enhanced overall look and feel that would incorporate standards of accessibility and usability. The old website was content heavy so it was important to find a way to make it easier for users to assimilate and understand the information, while also finding it interesting and appealing to read.


It’s all about finance and a whole lot of information. Most of the websites in the UAE government sector follow a similar website interface. 7G reimagined the entire user-interface to make it more engaging and bring it right up to the standards defined by TRA and global web standards. The website includes heavy-going information related to laws, budgets and complicated financial programmes. Our strategy was to simplify the information and then present it with a blend of design creativity to make it interesting to look at and assimilate.

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UAE Ministry of Finance – Government Websites Reimagined

Complete rebranding and redesigning for website, which now matches the TRA standards and transformed the online face of this government entity, making it user-friendly and engaging

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