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Digital Marketing Campaign for B2B Event - 15th SteelFab 2019

Marketing Digital Campaign for B2B event15th SteelFab 2019

– Programmatic Advertising
– Social Media Marketing
– YouTube Video Campaign
– LinkedIn Advertising


SteelFab is an annual B2B event that required an uplift in terms of its brand presence and digital marketing. The client wanted to encourage businesses to use the event as an exhibition platform and also to reach people interested in buying relevant products during the expo.


Our digital campaign focused on reaching target businesses across the UAE, GCC and Africa. The social media community expanded to include related businesses, with a LinkedIn advertising campaign playing a major role, and Google Ads campaigns were created to build momentum. This multipronged campaign strategy succeeded in drawing impressive crowds of the most relevant visitors to the event.

B2B Event Achieved
Relevant Traffic & High Sales

The SteelFab event e-marketing campaign was completely planned and executed by the 7G Media team and our client was well satisfied that our digital services brought relevant businesses and buyers to the event. Around 80% of the machinery available at the venue was sold during the event!

W&J Images
W&J Images
The Campaign Targeted the UAE, GCC and African Regions

For the SteelFab event, three important regions were targeted: the UAE, GCC and Africa. Campaigns across various social media channels, along with Google search and display ads, were divided strategically to ensure that the most appropriate platforms were used for the relevant audiences in each region and country.

LinkedIn Advertising Boosted Interactions with Businesses & Potential Exhibitors

LinkedIn’s advertising platform was used intelligently and strategically to reach out to relevant businesses. The campaign, which aimed to create awareness and increase traffic to the event’s landing page, was highly successful, increasing the SteelFab engagement rate to 60-65%.

W&J Images
W&J Images
Display & Search Campaign on Google

The Google campaigns targeted the UAE, GCC and African regions. We created a landing page with a persuasive structure and content, using the keywords most relevant to the steel fabrication industry. Both the display and search campaigns succeeded in encouraging traffic and we achieved good CTRs.

Success Unlocked

A well-rounded approach was taken for the digital campaign, where each channel/platform was utilized to achieve specific target. The event witnessed great sales as most of the machines displayed by the exhibitors on the venue were sold, making SteelFab as lucrative platform for steel fabrication industry

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