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Project Space 2017 Social Media Marketing


Project Space 2017

Social Media Marketing

Generating buzz and bringing online registrations for the event.


Project Space is a space event that gathers acclaimed space personalities from across the globe in Dubai to speak to an audience of top science students in the UAE about their work and discoveries. It is also one of the most prestigious space events in the Arab region. For the two-day event, almost 1,000 event attendees were required and they all had to register online, so social media advertising had a significant role to play.


A comprehensive social media plan was created comprising three phases: pre-event; including an advertising campaign to encourage people to register online for the event, during the event; to establish community interactions and broadcast the event live on social channels, and post-event activities; to showcase the highlights (achievements) of the event and the impact it hand on those that attended.

The hashtag #ProjectSpace was trending on both days of the event

The hashtag for #ProjectSpace trended for entire two days of the event; moreover, the hashtag was also shown in the suggestions.

Project Space 2017 Social Media Marketing

Extensive Promotional Plan

A interactive promotional plan including videos, GIFs and social media images to drive interaction within the social community was implemented and gave exposure to the event not only in Dubai but across the Arab region.

  • More than 30% of the event registrations came from Social Media advertising
  • Event was broadcast live to connect people from across the globe
  • The number of likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram increased by 60% during the event promotion, in comparison with other days
  • Significant increase in influential personalities from multiple industries following the account

Campaign encouraged interaction with space experts and enthusiasts

The effectiveness of the campaign reflected in some great mentions of Project Space from international space experts and space enthusiasts; great exposure for the one-of-its-kind space event in Dubai.

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