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MBRSC Smart House


The MBRSC smart house is an autonomous, off-grid home and is the first of its kind in the region that uses sustainable initiatives and features to maintain a healthy, cool living climate for its inhabitants.


The model passive house is open to visitors who are able to discover the different technological elements of the house. A touchscreen information point was required to allow visitors to go more in-depth and learn in detail the systems that keep the house functioning and cool, despite the hot climate.


We learned each of the intricate systems deployed in the house, and worked with the technical specifications to transfer them into easily understandable language that visitors could understand. We then designed the look and feel and the infographic content for the touchscreen technology.

MBRSCSmart HouseInteractive Touchscreen

MBRSC Smart House touchscreen

Taking prominence in the main entrance of the sustainable house, the touchscreen reveals the scientific and systems information for visitors to the house keen to discover more about the technologically advanced project.

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