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3D Animated Video

The video was conceptualised and created to showcase the achievements of the Ministry of Finance 2016, at the annual awards ceremony attended by MoF leaders, their stakeholders and important partners and clients.


The client’s brief was simple and to-the-point: at one of their annual events, in which their strategic partners and leadership would be in attendance, the UAE Ministry of Finance’s 2016 achievements were to be showcased in an appealing way through a corporate video screened during the ceremony. The video should not be pretentious, but should highlight all that the ministry had accomplished in the 12 months prior to the event.


Starting with MoF’s list of achievements, the 7G Media team crafted a script that highlighted the important milestones in an explanatory and engaging way. In keeping with the MoF brand palette, gold was chosen as the predominant colour and a streak of sparkling golden elements was designed and animated to inject a feel of celebration to the entire video. Each achievement was highlighted with creative animations and the golden theme featured throughout.

3D Animated Video presenting the achievements
of the UAE Ministry of Finance in 2016

3D animated video to highlight the achievements of UAE Ministry of Finance in 2016. From concept to design, animation and voice-over, 7G put these together in an explanatory and engaging way.

The video was created for HD display to be shown during the MoF’s annual awards event. 7G’s video added the overall feel of an extravaganza and lifted the entire event.

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