Integrated event e-marketing services and solutions in Dubai, UAE

Event E-marketing solution that stimulates the right response

We create online awareness amongst target audiences to ensure and exceed expected visitor counts

Digital marketing has a wide reach and is proven to deliver a high ROI for events and conferences. The technically sound and experienced minds at 7G Media devise comprehensive event e-marketing plans across all channels (social media, SEO, Google AdWords, email marketing and video advertising) and execute them meticulously to increase online registrations and ensure significant investment results.

Greater Reach
Digital platforms help you publicise your event to the furthest corners of the world, provided your campaigns are planned and executed strategically.
High ROI
Event e-marketing provides comprehensive advertising coverage within a much lower budget than conventional marketing, bringing you a higher ROI.
Niche Target
Targeting a small audience segment can be done efficiently using social media advertising or Google AdWords, giving an extra boost to your event’s marketing.
Audience Interaction
Event digital marketing allows you to interact directly with your audience, answering their questions, receiving their feedback and engaging them through multiple offers.

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How & Why 7G Media is capable of increasing your event's footfall
Creative &
Technically Sound
Our team of experienced digital marketing minds instils creativity into every campaign - from overall strategy to individual social media post - to establish and build interest in the audience. Our campaigns are well-targeted, with optimum budget spending to create an impact that delivers results.
Global & Niche
We align our campaigns to your objectives. Whether you want to target a small segment of a society or multiple countries, we customize our dynamic and results-oriented digital marketing plans accordingly and handpick the channels and platforms that will work best to produce your required results.
Campaign Optimization
Our event e-marketing campaigns are successful because we continuously analyze, monitor and then adjust them, making sure that they remain fully optimized and well targeted to attain the campaign objectives with high engagement & click-through-rates (CTR)
Bilingual Digital
7G Media provides a one-stop solution, as our expert team creates and runs digital campaigns efficiently in both Arabic and English. From content creation to design to implementation and interaction with users on various channels, our in-house team makes it all happen through a streamlined process.
Providing Complete & Comprehensive Event E-Marketing Solutions
Landing Page Creation
The landing page plays a pivotal role in the success of any digital campaign. Our web experts ensure that the user-interface and design encourage high online registration numbers.
Google AdWords
Detailed and result-oriented display, search and video campaigns are created to increase awareness, drive relevant traffic to the event’s landing page, and escalate the registration process.
Social Media Marketing
With precision-engineered social media strategies, we ensure interactivity in our event marketing and push campaigns to go viral. Our experienced team manages every aspect, including content, design, management & advertising.
Search Engine Optimization
We focus on helping your event to rank higher on search engine results, putting it above the other competing events and driving relevant traffic to the website to increase online registrations.
Email Marketing
We create emails to distribute pertinent information and attention-grabbing offers to different segments of the audience, to spread the word about your event and increase its visitor count.
YouTube Video Advertising
Video campaigns can work wonders for events and conference, if executed strategically. We create promotional videos in-house, from scriptwriting to animation, and advertise them to the relevant target audience, providing a complete video marketing solution for your event.