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Marketing Collateral Design Services

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Marketing collateral comprises most of the BTL (below-the-line) initiatives of a brand. These materials drive business by educating customers about a brand’s products, services and goals. From posters and rollups to sales kits and brochures, 7G Media’s language proficiency delivers well-written and creatively designed collateral to support any campaign.

7G Media provides design services for brochures, catalogues, company profiles and annual reports, amongst others – delivered to the highest standards and created with just one objective: to enhance the client’s brand,  thereby driving revenue streams and helping to deliver success.

Marketing collateral design services to support your advertising message

Marketing collateral products and solutions support the main advertising message. They also work hard to communicate information about your business’s services and products. In this digital age, marketing collateral has widened its reach to include digital media as web content, further enhancing the overall brand message.

Marketing collateral is usually applied after a company has made its initial customer contact through advertising. This can take many forms, including a follow-up e-mailer, white papers, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, a blog, a brochure or an electronic display in malls and retail stores. The choice of best format and the channel through which to distribute marketing collateral depends upon the objective and the audience. The digital experts at 7G Media can advise you on which platforms will ensure your marketing is right on target and will deliver the best return on your investment.

Create an emotional connection

Great marketing collateral offers an emotional connection and appeal to its audience, communicating the unique and rewarding experience to be found from purchasing a product or using a service. It nearly always includes a call to action, providing reasons for the audience to act. Marketing collateral can be targeted at B2B and B2C, and it must be planned effectively to ensure the desired impact. The message, the objectives and the most appropriate channel through which to communicate are all facets of great marketing on which 7G Media can provide guidance.

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