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Infographic animation for businesses has become ubiquitous in recent years. By visualising information, infographics are more engaging and interesting for the end user to process. Animation enhances this effect. Instead of being purely visual, the information becomes more exciting and easier to comprehend through the addition of movement and sound.

7G Media is well-equipped to create all types of infographics. Our expert multilingual writing teams can process a lot of information and turn it into smaller, digestible statistics, which the animators then manipulate to create dynamic digital data.

Infographic video services

While infographics are certainly not new – the first infographic can be traced back to 1626 – their popularity as a medium for conveying data and statistics has increased with the advent of social media. One downside of social media and the digital age is that attention spans have decreased markedly among many internet users. The problem this presents to government entities and private sector businesses is that users might mistakenly interpret important information as boring, dull and insignificant. Infographics bridge the gap, presenting vital information as accessible, engaging and interactive. The presence of this modern method of data presentation is simply everywhere, enabling organisations to reach their audiences in a way that is quick, effortless and appealing.

Communicating information effectively

For media outlets, government entities, scientific institutions, schools, colleges and universities, infographics represent the best way to communicate information that will be understood, will be captivating and will achieve the purpose for which it was intended.

7G Media has formulated a number of infographics for clients in various sectors, helping to break down and communicate financial information, environmental statistics, technological data and more. To see our large portfolio of infographics originated from scratch, contact us today!

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