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2D Animated Video Services

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2D animated video services in Dubai – well-made and well worth watching

7G Media offers exciting and dynamic corporate 2D animation services that incorporate character animation, vector graphics and kinetic typography to deliver the communication’s message. This animation style began more than a century ago with labour intensive cell animation drawings, but with the advent of computers and more powerful software, 2D animation has become increasingly popular.

But technology is only half the story. The skilled writers and animators of 7G Media give life to 2D animation through well-crafted narratives and visuals. With our wide range of experience and expertise, 7G Media provides the most effective animated video services in Dubai.

The process

Creation of a 2D video begins with in-depth research into the client’s business, the sector in which they operate and the objective of the video itself. Once this is understood, we hold a brainstorming session with the writers and animators and conjure up several ideas. Once we decide on a concept, we formulate a script and the script writing team then meets with the animators to craft a storyboard. The animation team then picks up the reigns and slowly brings the storyboard to life. From concept to completion, this entire process can take up to two weeks, using the latest technological advancements to produce a crisp and contemporary 90-second video.

2D animated videos for businesses

2D animated videos have several applications. They can be used to communicate information to customers, to explain a new concept, or simply to entertain followers on social media with an imaginative story. As an early adopter of the latest trends in video production and animation, 7G Media has become a regional leader in offering corporate 2D animation services. We’ve  created top class videos for high profile clients.

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