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3 Keys to Great Literary Translation from the Professional Translation Service in Dubai

Some might think that the process of translation begins by jumping into a document and interpreting the sentences line-by-line. Those who are skilled translators know better. They realize that professional translations take a much more holistic approach. In addition to providing experienced and well-crafted translation of advertising, business documents, and technical writing, 7G also translates

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Game changing trends in Web Design

They say all creativity is a conversation. A conversation that’s been ongoing right since we first learnt to recreate the elements of our world in ochre and charcoal on cave walls. The web is another wall that has evolved over time and gained popularity as the most significant hub of content online businesses that leave

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What’s with Whiteboards?

We’ve all seen them. Those fun animated videos with a black marker dancing over a white surface unfolding a great story as a careful voice-over carries us along. Characters come to life before our eyes. It almost feels like we’re part of the creation. As viewers, we feel like children sitting with a favourite teacher

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