Digital Marketing

To Blog or Not to Blog: Answering Your Questions

Just like good stories help build great brands, better blogging helps build better businesses. But blogging takes effort. It takes time. And is it right idea for your business? If you’re on the fence not sure whether to blog or not to blog, read on. When did this whole blogging thing begin? The art of

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Why is SEO so hard?

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility for the targeted audience by placing it as high up as possible in the search rankings. Search engine algorithms are complicated and have lots of small nuances, but they are still just algorithms that behave in a calculated way and can

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How to Successfully run a Foreign Language PPC Campaign

With the rise in popularity of the internet and online content, companies from across the world are having to address a global audience and take different languages and cultures into account when developing an online campaign, Search Engine Watch reports. With English being the most popular language on the web, it is easy for businesses

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