Animated Video

What’s with Whiteboards?

We’ve all seen them. Those fun animated videos with a black marker dancing over a white surface unfolding a great story as a careful voice-over carries us along. Characters come to life before our eyes. It almost feels like we’re part of the creation. As viewers, we feel like children sitting with a favourite teacher

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Types of Animated Video and How they are Made

There are many types of animated videos, and each is different in the way it is made. Below, we give a definition of the types of the different types of animation and how they are made. We also include an example of each type of animation. 1. Screencast This is done by using some sort

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Corporate Videos – Do Them Right

Corporate videos are a fantastic marketing technique, and can be used by businesses of all sizes from practically any industry. They are, however, notoriously difficult to get right. They combine the visual with the spoken word and can be shared on websites, on adverts and on social media sites, too. However, there are a number

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