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7G Media provides accurate and precise Arabic typesetting services in Dubai. Typesetting is described as the physical or digital arrangement of text form a graphic design or publishing point of view. It is a unique art form, requiring a great understanding of text form, and an eye for fine tuning documents, including titles, and content.

Typesetting process

Typeset as a process is not to be confused with typography. It involves the setting of a type, rather than the design of the type. But although both focus on the presentation of text, typesetting involves an in-depth process of presenting text in context with images ready for printing. Editors will select carefully the most appropriate size and style for each and every element of text on the page. While this on the face of it sounds relatively straightforward, it is extremely technically and time consuming. The importance of the process of typesetting is critical, as a failure to properly manage and edit the typesetting will bring poor results – visually unappealing presentation, and potentially flawed text.

Multilingual typesetting services

7G Media provides the leading typesetting services in Dubai in both Arabic and English, as well as a number of other languages. Well-designed text is a true sign of professionalism and of quality. Poorly laid out text shows a lack of care and portrays an amateurish approach that could well impact the reputation of a company.

Great typesetting directly influences how readers are able to enjoy the written word, and its importance cannot be underestimated. In the same way as a typo or grammatical error would distract or put off a reader, poor typesetting and design errors will have exactly the same impact. 7G Media has a team of designers trained in the intricacies of typesetting in Arabic and English to enhance the reader’s experience and the overall quality of our clients’ work.

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