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An ongoing trend in animation are whiteboard animated videos, which simulate a human hand drawing the content in real-time. This makes this animation style well suited to explainer videos, where it can be combined with a strong voiceover to makes complex concepts easier to understand.

7G Media’s team of writers and illustrators, and the way in which they work, are crucial to offering the best whiteboard animation services. The writers ensure that the message is always on point, while the illustrators expertly create visuals that help drive the communications. Together, they seamlessly create compelling videos that are as memorable as they are effective.

Custom whiteboard animation

Whiteboard videos are one of the most effective forms of marketing on social media and on websites as they convey the message quickly, simply and in an engaging way. Another advantage of whiteboard videos when implemented as an animated explainer, is that they are appropriate for any audience.

From an educational perspective a whiteboard video is a proven method for conveying sometimes perplexing concepts; in classrooms across the world, the whiteboard has been used for centuries in lectures and lessons. The impact this has had on the human sub-conscious is that when you see a person drawing on a whiteboard, you know you’re about to learn something.

Forward-thinking and creative

Engaging, unique and straightforward, whiteboard animation not only looks great, it can show your business as being a forward-thinking, creatively minded establishment; and whiteboard videos also have great sharing potential, which means that your video could end up going viral if presented and written well. For this, you need look no further than 7G Media.

The possibilities with whiteboard animation videos are boundless; want to introduce your business? Make an impression in an important presentation? Sell your services? Explain a concept for a new product? The whiteboard video is versatile and looks great; there’s no business for which this mode of communication would not be of benefit.

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