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The rise of social media coincides with the increase in online video content, since the platform is the optimal channel for spreading memorable videos. 7G Media provides social media videos creation services with a content-first approach, allowing for the creation of corporate videos for social media that are always worth sharing.

From viral videos and animated clips to interviews and informational videos, 7G Media’s social media video creation services are created by a flexible and talented creative team that can develop concept-driven content in any visual style appropriate to the many social media channels.

Social media video production services in Dubai

Video content on social media is now understood to be the most engaging form of communication for brand followers, as channels such as Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook each optimised their platforms specifically for the purposes of video content back in 2013/14.

This meant that to remain competitive, businesses had to quickly develop an understating of what it takes to create engaging video content – or engage the services of somebody that does. That’s where 7G Media comes in, and as part of a social media management solution, the regular production of social video content ensures that followers are constantly engaged and updated with the latest developments and news from the brand.

Video ad spends growing

For those that still have doubts about the impact of social video content, eMarketer predicts that across the next four years, video ad spends on social media will rise on a global scale 184% – from the current level of $9.9 billion, to $28 billion in 2021. Statistics like these make social video ads the fastest growing advertising medium there is.

A good, engaging video of the right length and with the right content can rack up millions of views within weeks. The key is to create something people want to share, and this is done on a daily basis by different brands with different goals and products. When it comes to social videos, 7G Media bring engagement to the highest level.

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