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For businesses that need to explain a new product or how things work, animated explainer videos or tutorials are the ideal tool. Through the use of easy-to-understand language and smartly crafted visuals, 7G Media creates explainer videos in Dubai that can make complex concepts and processes easier to understand and remember.

As with any video or animation, the script is the fundamental building block. 7G Media’s command of English and Arabic explainer videos, as well as those in 12 other languages, makes every video simple to comprehend, even while explaining complex themes and ideas.

Corporate Animated Explainer Videos

The power of video content, particularly with the evolution of Facebook which has effectively become a condensed extension of YouTube for the majority of users, is extensive, but it has in turn meant that the way explainer videos are produced has completely changed.

Nearly 80% of videos watched on Facebook are watched without the volume, and so subtitles are now a pre-requisite. Furthermore, in the UAE two versions of the same video should always be produced for the benefit of the social media audience – one in Arabic, the other in English.

Quality Content

One of the strengths of 7G Media is a commitment to producing quality content across channels, and when working on explainer videos this is exemplified. A crisp script, smooth transitions and editing, alongside a solid storyboard with contemporary animation elements and infographics are each core components of the perfect explainer video, regardless of whether it is for social media channels or for a different audience entirely.

Explainer videos are perfect not only for social channels, but for conferences, workshops and forums, and well as exhibitions. If you have a unique product or a solution to bring to market, an explainer video can make the difference between a successful launch, or a launch with no impact, regardless of the standard of your product.

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